A Child Exchange and Monitored Visitation Center is under the direction of the Family Crisis Intervention Center, a licensed domestic violence program. The Visitation Centers are annually certified through the State of West Virginia Family Protection Services Board for Monitored Parenting and Exchange Programs. The Kids First Program operates in Jackson, Ritchie, Roane, and Wood counties.

The Kids First Programs provide families a child-focused and friendly environment, where children can be free from tensions and stresses that may be part of exchanges and visitations, by eliminating contact between parents during exchanges and visitations.

Parents participating in our program have been court-ordered by Magistrate Court, Department of Health and Human Resources, Family Court or Circuit Court. The centers must have a copy of the signed court order before our intake process can begin. This process includes meeting with each parent separately, having the children come to the center to meet our staff and see the facility, and then beginning the exchanges or monitored visitations.

There are many reasons why parents are court-ordered to use our services: divorce, custody disputes, allegations of child abuse or neglect, lack of contact by the non-custodial parent with the child, separation issues for the child, history of family violence, or drug or alcohol problems.

We provide two types of services:

Child Exchange – The custodial parent brings his or her child (ren) to the center, signs them in, and then leaves. Fifteen minutes later, the non-custodial parent arrives and signs the child (ren) out, taking them for an evening or weekend visit.

Monitored Visitation – This service is the same, as the child exchange except the non-custodial parent is required to stay at the center. The visiting parent must stay inside the center for the duration of the visit. The staff individually monitors all visitations.

We can only provide one monitored visit per week per family. We can provide as many exchanges as needed during our operating hours.  Currently there is no charge for these services.